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September 2016:


PRO presents a completely  new design for a submerged piston pump for cryogenic liquids


In  cooperation with ILK in Dresden, PRO is pro- moting the    newly developed pump for media such  as  helium, hydrogen, LNG and liquefied

air gases.  Versatile,   extremely compact   and simple, for a variety of flow rates and pressures and  with  a   minimum of  energy consumption and heat leaks by utilizing linear electric drives.

For the patented design the thermal coefficients

of  expansion of  the  different  materials are of utmost  importance  as  the  complete system is permanently exposed to the cryogenic liquid.

A dedicated system allows for a precise control

of pressure and flow rate.

A Demonstrator used for LIN and LAR


While prototypes have been used to show

the actual performance with liquid nitrogen and liquid argon,  several  pumps are now  in operation in liquid helium service at a major research center.

For information, performance data and live presentations please contact us directly.

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